Halaman Mutiara

love drama love architect

Lirik Lagu 29/10/2012


Tangga :  Cinta tak mungkin berhenti

Vania Larissa : Rahasia


Ost. Drama

Cain and Abel => Umyoeng /fate (Howl)

Cinderella Step Sister => It has to be you (Yesung)

City Hunter =>Love (Im Jae Boem)

Full House => I think i love you (Byul)

Pasta      => Jageun kotjimal / Litlle Lie (kim Dong Hae)

                 => Gwiyoen neon ( Kim Jung Ah)

Scent of women => Hawaian couple

Secret Garden => Geu Namja / that man 

The Greatest Love => Real love song (K.Will)

=>Dugeun-Dugeun (Sunny Hill)

=> I Can’t Drink (Baek Ji young)

=> Don’t Forget (Huh Gak)

Lee Seung Gi

Album Tonigth => Wherever ( 어디라도) 


G.Dragon =>  That XX (Geu XX)

Lee Hi



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